Welcome to our portfolio - a collection of some of our work presented with the permission of the client.   This is by no means an exhaustive list as quite a lot of the work we undertake is done so via non-disclosure agreements to protect the commercial value of the project in question.

The items in this portfolio are intended to show key areas of strength and knowledge as well as to present a diverse capability.

Attic Alert Services

Attic Alert offers loft conversion and access in and around Bristol.  This lead-generating site features a rather good online quote system and some lovely original artwork designed to show a very full attic.


Behaviour Help

Behaviour Help offers a variety of resources and support tools for parents, educators and children. The website provides a great deal of these resources directly, such as factsheets on challenging behaviours and blogs on Positive Behaviour Support.

The site also advertises online courses, books and other resources that can be purchased.

I designed this website from scratch providing the creative input and working with Dolly, behaviour specialist, to arrive at a visual we were both happy with.

Following the creative phase, I developed the website using semantic HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

I have also optimised the website for SEO and am engaged in an ongoing SEO and content strategy which is achieving excellent results by bringing new traffic to the website mainly from Australia, the USA, Canada and the UK.

Visit the Behaviour Help website.


Penmorvah Manor

Modernisation and niche targeting of web properties promoting direct bookings.

If you haven't had tea, lunch or stayed at the Penmorvah Manor in Cornwall, I would like to highly recommend that you do.  We have been working with the Penmorvah for a number of years supporting various marketing activities but predominately supporting the business with its website marketing.

In 2017 we refreshed the original project in favor of a mobile optimised website that focusses the customer's attention on booking direct.



Design and development of ecommerce website. Ongoing marketing strategy support and implementation.

Ubalance LTD has invested in the American product  'Vewdo Balance Boards' and we are working closely with Ubalance and Vewdo to help market these products here in the UK.

The Ubalance brand retails boards online while our Vewdo UK brand generates PR and interest in the product brand in a way that is meaningful to a UK audience.

Sales are good and so is balance, in fact since working with Ubalance we've had to install standing desks in the Curly Cottage office so we can use the Zone Standing Desk balance boards while we work.